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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Post of the Year!

It's New Years Eve, well the day of the Eve if you will. This year has been a great one. There were many ups and downs, mostly ups though :) Daniel and I have grown as a couple and I think we have figured out what buttons not to push and what things will make the other person smile.

Christmas was great this year. We were able to spend the day with my family. I helped make Christmas dinner. I even tried out a new pie recipe, compliments of Sister Marolyn Staffieri, and it was a hit! I got Daniel some new shirts since he has been wanting some and he got me a nano iPod since he said the one I had was outdated and pink. He bought me a blue one, that way he can borrow it if he needs to.

The most important thing that has happened to us this year I would have to say was that Daniel and I were able to get sealed! It was a great accomplishment for us and I feel our journey has allowed for us to have that much more of an appreciation for the Temple.

I'm glad to say that I have a wonderful family on both mine and Daniel's side. They are all so supportive of us and willing to help us out when we need it. Next year we plan a trip to Charlotte, NC with our tax returns and I look forward to visiting where Daniel grew up as well as visit his family. Currently we live with my family and once again I'm grateful for patient parents who are willing to let us stay with them while we save up money.

All in all 2010 was a great year, and I'm very excited for 2011 to begin. So Happy New Years everyone and we wish you all the best with the new year!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It Never Rains in Southern California...

As you can see, this is not the case. It has been raining non stop for the last week, and it's not supposed to let up until Thursday. Hopefully our pool makes it until then without overflowing. It has been horrible to drive in. There is already weird traffic due to the holiday and the shopping, but adding rain onto it just increases the commute time. Daniel has been giving me a hard time about it since we're in San Diego and it's not supposed to rain this month. Must be El Nino or something.

The dogs don't like it either. They have been pent up in the garage, mostly because they don't like the rain. In order for me to get them to go outside for their restroom breaks I have to stand outside with them in the rain. I think they like the company. It's so funny to watch them out in the rain. Dolly hates it and tries to get inside every chance she gets. Keif I noticed was trying to go to places where he would not get as wet. Either way the second that I hint to go inside they are way ahead of me, waiting by the door.

The rain made it difficult for me to pick up Amber from the Long Beach Airport on Friday. I had met up with Allison in Huntington Beach for some lunch at a Thai place. It was called Phuket Thai, pronounced poo-ket :) It was really good and reasonably priced. I told Daniel we'll have to go the next time we are visiting. It was nice to visit with Allison who I had not seen in almost a year. It'll be good to be closer here so that I can try to meet up with her more often.

The Christmas festivities are coming together. I've decided to make an eggnog pumpkin pie, the recipe of which I had found in a family cookbook given to me from a dear friend of the family. I'm glad she gave it to me for mine and Daniel's wedding because the food in it is delicious! I work every night this week so I am looking forward to having this Christmas weekend off.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A California Style Holiday

On Sunday Daniel and I were able to take a little trip to San Diego. The weather was perfect and it was relaxing to not have to worry about work. We first went to Balboa Park to walk around and to visit our favorite spot, the dog park. We didn't bring Keif this time, but it was fun to watch all the dogs play and observe the different personalities they had. Daniel and I even had a lot of fun trying to guess the different breeds that we saw.

We wanted to watch the sunset at the beach so we headed for Coronado to do that. We made a little trip to the Hotel Del and sat out front while we watched the sun dip into the ocean. There were many people around to enjoy the sunset, we even saw an old man wearing a BYU hat. Daniel called out "go cougars" to him and he pumped his arm up saying"yeah!".
Today Daniel was lucky enough to have the day off since I have it off as well, however, since my parents are out of town I have been on phone duty. We haven't been able to leave the house, but we've been able to just hang out and play with Keif. We even discovered Keif has a favorite part of the yard...in the bushes. Hopefully my parents don't mind.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Temple Sealing

Although our Temple Sealing took place August 20, 2010 I'm just now posting pictures from it. Mostly because I had to wait to get access to my parent's camera since they were the ones who took the pictures.

Right after we were sealed.
Daniel is stuck with me forever now.

The beautiful Oquirrh Mountain Temple located in South Jordan, UT. We were able to go to the open house for it before it was dedicated last year.

Some of our family were able to attend. We missed the ones who couldn't make it, but they still shared their joy with us over the occasion.

We even had a few close friends who were able to attend. They are basically family.

It was an amazing experience and we are glad that we were able to have those who are close to us share that special day.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Season

A little bit of catching up to do on here. First Daniel and I have moved to San Diego and are with my parents which means no rent and no snow! I'm definitely grateful for the no snow part since I've been hearing a lot about the large amounts of snow that Utah has been getting. I don't miss driving in it, cleaning it off my car, or being cold in it. I'm definitely a California girl.

Keif has been doing well the adjustment of moving. He now has a couple of acres to run around on and a kennel buddy, my parent's dog Dolly. Although they don't really play together, they do have a mutual tolerance for each other. Since moving back to San Diego we have been able to to take Keif to the dog park at Balboa Park. He had a lot of fun running around the dogs there and was fairly friendly. We've also taken him to the dog park closer to my parent's in Escondido. That went well until he became territorial of the park and started to scare people from bringing their dogs in while he was there. He's just too Alpha for his own good. We've decided it's best we just take him to regular parks when no one is there for him to run around at.

Work has been going well. Daniel is able to clean carpets with my dad and I have the ol' fall back Chili's to work with. I was not able to work at the Chili's in Escondido like I had planned on since they already have too many employees, but I was lucky enough to get work at the chili's in Temecula. The commute is a little longer, but I'm grateful for the job.

Last week for Thanksgiving we were able to visit with my family. Anissa and Noah came
with their three daughthers, and Amber and Aaron carpooled down from school. We all went to the San Diego State football game against the University of Utah. Daniel was true to Utah and sported his Utah shirt. I on the other hand wanted San Diego to win, maybe it's the BYU roots that I have in me just wanting Utah to lose. It was a great game and for a while it looked like San Diego had the game, but at the end Utah pulled through and won the game 38 to 34. We all had a lot of fun.

For Thanksgiving, Daniel, Amber and I started the day playing some Turkey bowl. It was a flag football game with the singles ward here. It was pretty fun, but next year I'd rather watch him play then participate. After that all of the ladies of the house started putting together the Thanksgiving meal. I made some sweet potato casserole, the recipe being Daniel's mom's recipe, and I made a peanut butter chocolate pie. Both dishes were a hit. I even made a sugar free sweet potato casserole that everyone said was also delicious. Our friend from Utah Angie Wilson joined us for Thanksgiving since she wasn't able to to make it home. It was so nice to visit with a friend we hadn't seen for a bit. Afterwards we took her to old town in San Diego to see the Mormon Battalion. We had a lot of fun going through the tour and panning for gold.

This year I decided to try out Black Friday. I woke up at 4 to get ready and made my way to Target, Best Buy, and the mall. I actually got some great deals on gifts and got all my Christmas shopping done. Next year I want to go with someone so it won't be so boring.

Being able to spend Thanksgiving with my family was wonderful. The Holidays are wonderful because they tend to bring out the best in everyone. This time of year is a great time for me to reflect on the past year and to think of the many blessings I have. There are so many people who care for Daniel and me and we really appreciate the extra help others give to us. I'm thankful for a wonderful husband who is always trying to be better for me. He constantly asks me for my feedback on what he can improve on. I only hope that I am being a fulfilling wife for him. I love him so much and am grateful for the sacrifices he makes for our little family. I'm so grateful that we were able to go to the temple and that we were able to have family there to witness it. I'm grateful for the support that Daniel's family gives us in every decision that we make. And of course I'm grateful that my parents are kind enough to let us live with them while we save up our money.

I hope that we are all able to make the best out of this holiday season and that we remember that serving others is the most rewarding part of the Holiday Season. Happy Holiday Season to everyone!