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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Beginning

So in hopes of being able to update our family and friends more than just once a month, we've decided to give into the peer pressure around us and start a blog. Our goal is to update the blog once a week, but we make no promises seeing how Daniel is back in school and working and Tiffany is working 3 jobs (mostly chili's and the group home). Both of us are very hard workers with little time to play so when we do have time together we make the most of it.

Today was one of those days that we had time together. After church we came home and ate lunch; followed by the usual Sunday nap. Daniel really wanted to use up his energy so we went to Kiwanis Park in Provo to throw the ball around a bit. Later we went to a work party for Chili's in Herriman, UT by a large pond. The food was great and we even broke our diet to eat one of our friend's delicious, carrot cupcakes. It was worth every extra calorie! Now we're just taking it easy, Daniel is unwinding playing video games and Tiffany is on the computer starting the "updating" blog.

Currently we are trying to save money for a trip to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. Daniel has a very sick aunt and his family is having a big get-together for her. Daniel's mom updated him on it and he really wants to go. Hopefully we can go together, but Daniel may be the only one who will be able to make the trip because we're pretty poor newly weds. But we're keeping our eyes out for any good flight specials and looking at our options. Tiffany would really like to go to see where Daniel grew up since he already saw her stomping grounds. We'll keep you up to date on what our Thanksgiving plans end up being.

Daniel is getting geared up for football season. He's pretty much been waiting for this time of year since basketball ended in April. Daniel is a huge UNC Chapel Hill fan. He feels they will have a pretty good season this year and expects them to do even better next year. For NFL he's definitely a Carolina Panther's fan. We butt heads often since Tiffany is a Charger's fan, more out of loyalty than out of the love of football, so there is a lot of trash talk going on in the home. We'll hopefully be able to check out some college games around here, but for sure we want to support the local sports and start going to some high school games. I'm not sure for which schools yet, but I'm sure we'll find one we want to support.