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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daniel and Tiffany's Day of Fun!

Today I had the day off!! Ok, may not sound that special, but I had worked 10 days straight and I was definitely feeling overworked. I had originally planned on running errands since I figured Daniel would be working, but he surprised me with the news that he also had the day off. I was ecstatic to say the least. Last night we came up with a few different game plans for the next day, to makes sure we could fit in everything we wanted to do and also alternatives in case the weather didn't cooperate. When we got up and noticed that there was no rain we decided to go with our first plan.

We both have been feeling that our sweet dog Keif has been getting neglected lately. So we decided to take him and Dolly, my mom's toy poodle, to the beach. It was so sunny and beautiful at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. Keif ran around the sand and water with Daniel while Dolly was my little shadow and stayed by my feet the whole time. My mom recently gave Dolly a haircut so we bought her a little sweater to keep her warm while we were out.

After running at the beach we decided to give the dog park at Balboa Park another chance. Keif did fine there the first time we took him. The second time he was being a bit too Alpha for his own good and was coming across as a bully. We hoped the third time would be a charm. Balboa park was bustling with tourists and children on field trips as it usually is. We didn't see too many dogs being walked around which worked out well for us. At the dog park there were about 30 dogs of all different sizes and ages. Keif did really well. He wasn't acting aggressive towards any dogs and he even won over some of the people who were their with their dogs. All in all it was a successful trip to the dog park.

In the afternoon we returned the dogs home all tuckered out. Daniel and I were then able to enjoy the rest of the evening together. The day was a great one and it helped to refuel me to be ready to work tomorrow. Only 27 more days until our trip to North Carolina so we can have a real vacation. But until then I'm just focusing on getting some work done.