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Thursday, December 6, 2012

We've got Internet!

  After moving to Charlotte, NC we decided to keep things simple and not get internet at our place.  Well we finally cracked and I must say I am happy that I will be able to update our blog more often now, of course this means I no longer have an excuse for not updating.  So what has the Joyce household been up to?  Well there is not too much excitement going on here.  We have decorated for Christmas which is fun.  I definitely love this time of year.  We'll be spending Christmas here with each other. Although we'll miss family, it'll be nice to have each other's company the whole day.

This would be the ole Christmas tree.

Sophie found her new favorite spot to nap.

The mantle place, Daniel and I are sharing a stocking, the doggies have their own.

The wreath I bought, I added the ribbon :)

  Last night I woke up to the sound of Sophie whining in her kennel.  I looked at the time and knew that at 3 AM that something must be wrong.  I got out of bed and braced myself for the worst,  As I opened the door a strong pungent smell crept into my nose.  She got sick in her kennel.  Poor Sophie was up against the back of her kennel trying her best not to step in the mess.  I spent the next hour bathing her then cleaning out her kennel. Needless to say I didn't get a very good nights rest last night. As the day has gone on she seems to be feeling better.  She's quarantined in the kitchen right now so that she doesn't have any accidents on my carpet. Keif is enjoying the break from Sophie chewing on his face.   

Cute little Sophie from the day we adopted her.  She was 17 lbs when we got her and almost 3 months old.  She is now almost 7 months and 35 lbs.  Any predictions on how big she'll get?

Keif can't even escape her in his own kennel.

They like to snuggle

     This would be my picture from when we went to watch BYU play at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.  It was a nice day trip and I had a lot of fun with Daniel's family.  It was a great gift from my in laws.  I'm proud to say that I still know the fight song and that I was able to sing it many times at the game.  The final score was 41-17.  I'm sad that I work when they play their bowl game, but I will be rooting them on.