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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Coolest Wedding Ever!

This blog is a little out of order. Still I'd rather share this story none the less. Back in December a good friend of ours got married (shout out to Charley and Vito). Charley was the one who initially was involved in Daniel meeting me. I know Charley through an old roommate/ best friend since they are sisters and Daniel knows Charley from church. Charley is the sweetest, shyest person I know and it was cute to see her go from having a crush on this guy she knew from school to marrying him.

What made their wedding so cool was that it was done with a Polynesian flare complete with Lu'au style dining (and yes that did me a roasted pig) and
a few performances ranging from dancing to singing. The bride and groom even participated in a few dances themselves. You see Vito (the groom) is from Fiji and who knew they could throw a good party. It was more like going to a show with good dinner than an actual wedding. If only more weddings could be this entertaining rather than the cookie cutter types of weddings most of us are used to attending. I'm definitely pushing for my sister to meet a Polynesian guy so that I'll be able to attend another one of these awesome weddings.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Years!!

Ok, so it's past Christmas and New Years, sorry for the slacking on my part. But here I am now trying to redeem myself with some new photos. So for the newest news, I cut my hair :) It's definitely a new look, way different from the long tresses I'm used to sporting but I like the change and so does Daniel. He wants me to keep it for a while.

Things have been going well for us. We have been working hard, but have managed to hit up a couple of BYU hockey games, one of which was against UVU and BYU won. The weather is still cold, but it hasn't snowed too much. I'm sure we'll get some more snow in soon.

So here is the picture of the Christmas tree I promised, Daniel decorated it for the most part. He has a great talent with decorating things :) Which is good because sometimes I'm not so big on decorating my house. It'll be better when we get a bigger house so we have more room for things.

For New Years my sister did come to visit me for the weekend on her way up to Idaho. We were able to go out for sushi with a bunch of friends. Although the sushi was so good, the service that night was not so great. I'm a server and understand that when it's busy sometimes there's not much you can do to get everything out fast or be around much. However there is such a thing as apologizing for the situation. Not once did our server apologize for our food taking so long. Amber didn't get her sushi roll for a good hour after we had all gotten our food. One of our friends ordered more sushi and the ticket got lost. And all the server would say to us when we'd ask if our rolls were almost done was "everyone's food is taking a long time, it's New Year's Eve". Another girl who was with us used to be a server and we both agreed that our server was rude! We realized later that she was able to get away with it because since we were a party of 6 there was an automatic gratuity added to the check so we had to tip. I said something to her about Amber's sushi roll coming out so late and asked about her getting a discount so the manager at least discounted all our checks for 25%. I just wish it would have been a better experience and that our server wasn't so rude!