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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Day

Daniel and I both got to work today. I say that with slight sarcasm. We always look forward to Sundays because usually neither of us work and we can enjoy each others company. But he will be working the next few Sunday days at the boys group home he works at in Draper. His shift is from 6AM to 2PM. I had a work meeting at Chili's from 8:45 to 10AM and then work at the girls group home in Provo from 3PM to 11PM (I'm there right now). So I got to see Daniel for a good 15 minutes. I don't mind working at the girls home, just would rather be at home with the hubby. We do get tomorrow evening together at least, I'm looking forward to that.

Daniel loves his new job at the boys home. He tells me that after every shift he works. He get's to play football with the guys and doesn't mind being stern when he needs to be. Today he was in charge of watching the kids who were in trouble. He had to constantly remind them that they needed to be working on something and not talking or sleeping. I knew he would be great at the job and I'm glad his supervisor, my old coworker at the girls home, was able to see that he would be a good fit for the job.

So I am officially counting down until Christmas. That is when I will finally get a break and a vacation. Daniel get's to go to North Carolina for Thanksgiving which leaves me to work that week. I did plan some girl time with a coworker of mine who will be around for the holiday. I'm really sad I won't be going, but I understand his need to go. He told me he'll take lots of pictures so it will be like I went myself. Christmas in San Diego will be so nice. I get to see all my family, go to the beach, eat lots of sushi, and hopefully go to the San Diego Zoo. Mostly it will be nice to not have to work for a change.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Daniel's Birthday and some other updates

Yes I know that this is a couple of weeks after Daniel's birthday, actually closer to a month after, but we are very busy people who don't have the internet at our place so enough said. In memory of Daniel's 24th birthday I would like to share some photos from what we did to celebrate. We went to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake and saw a

A baby elephant,
Penguins, A baby giraffe, And a Tiger!After seeing all that we could at the zoo we went to Big Cottonwood Canyon to take in the changing leaves. We also wanted to revisit the place where we got engaged as well. It was the perfect ending to a great birthday for Daniel. We definitely didn't want the day to end, especially since we would be returning to the real world of work.

Along with work news last week was a pretty busy work week for us. Daniel worked from 8AM-noon with one guy Monday through Friday (minus Tuesday), then from 2:30 PM- 7PM with another guy same days as the last. I worked all day Monday, all day Tuesday, all day Wednesday and unintentionally all day Thursday. Thursday I was asked to come in early to work at (6AM to be exact) to take someone to the hospital to get her stomach scoped in Salt Lake. After her surgery I traded off with another staff and stayed with another gal in a different hospital in Salt Lake for bunion surgery. She was scheduled for surgery at 12, didn't get in til 2 and we didn't leave the hospital til 7. So I had a 14 and a half work day when I was only supposed to work until 3PM. It was nice to have Friday night off and all day Sunday to ourselves.

I plan on being better at updating the blog, I'll just need to start bringing my laptop with me to work, or maybe talk Daniel into filling out a blog every once in a while.