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Thursday, September 6, 2012

North Carolina Living

  Moving to North Carolina in the height of summer is not recommended by no means.  I've been in heat before, but humidity makes for a hot, sticky time and not in a good way.  Our second week in Charlotte there were record highs for heat not just here, but all over the country, while San Diego stayed a comfortable 70 degree average.  The humidity did not help with the move adjustment, but it was expected so I was not surprised to be experiencing it.  Living in North Carolina so far has been good.  Our apartment is nice and in a pretty good location.  Plus it is our own place and our own space, something we hadn't had in a while.  The people here are very friendly and I do really like that.
  Work is going well, Daniel has been working hard at his job cleaning carpets for Prestige Chem Dry, while I have been serving at Maggianos and trying to get some kind of system down when it's busy so as to be more efficient and a better server for my guests.  I'm still learning the menu, but I know it takes time to really get it down.  The money has been a lot better at Maggianos vs Chili's and I'm very grateful for that.
  While living here I have already been to a Carolina Panthers' football game as well as a Charlottes Knight's minor league baseball game.  Daniel's family came to visit for a Reunion for Randy (Daniel's step dad) and we got to spend a nice weekend with them.  We've also been visited by Daniel's friend Chris Gearheart, wife Shelly, and son Salem, and even my brother-in-law was in town on business so we got to meet up with him too.
  So far my favorite outing was a trip we took to Charleston, SC.  It is such a pretty city with so many old buildings.  We had Keif with us and so we did a lot of walking and even went to a dog park that had a lake for the dogs to play in.  It's so great to see so much history, to see where the history started in our country from when it was settled.
  Now going into our third month of being here we have introduced a sweet little puppy into our family.  Her name is Sophie and she is so sweet and loves to play.  So far it's been a bit of an adjustment for everyone.  Our home feels a bit more crowded and we have to train her non stop.  Keif is a bit jealous of her to, he looks really grumpy when we play with her, we're trying to work on giving them both lots of attention.  Can't imagine how much harder that will be with kids someday, but the doggies will give us a lot of practice.

 These were from hiking Crowder's Mountain on the 4th of July!
(Top and Bottom photo)
 Below are all pictures from our visit to Charleston, SC.  
Although it looks gloomy, it was still pretty hot and humid

 Top and Bottom picture were from a very nice dog park in Charleston.
 I liked seeing the old cemetery while visiting.