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Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Showers means Snow in UT

It's finally April which means beautiful weather, pretty flowers, and blossoms everywhere right?? Wrong again. In Utah, the lovely Beehive State, it feels that nice weather during the springtime is way too predictable, snow however will get the residents off guard, because who would think that they would have to clean snow off their car in April before heading to work in the morning? I suppose I'm being a little over dramatic. Today is a nice day. Google weather promised that Provo should be seeing a high of 62 F sunny skies. Don't let that get your hopes up though, because tomorrow it is predicted to be partly cloudy followed with a mostly cloudy for Saturday's forecast. It's OK though Utah, I understand that snow is vital to making sure the state has enough "moisture" for the year. So if the snow is making it possible for me to be able to shoot off fireworks this 4th of July then by all means, snow away.

Well, now that I got my little rant over with I can proceed with updates on our whereabouts for the last few weeks. So for our Anniversary, Daniel surprised me with a trip to San Diego for some much need time off and to be able to visit with my family who I hadn't seen for almost a year (which is way too long for me). I was so excited about that trip that we pretty much left the night he told me and drove all night to get there at 8AM PST.

Daniel had everything planned. After stopping at my parent's house we set off for the beach. We walked around, looked at the ridiculously over priced homes right on the coast, me
t up with my parents at Balboa park to watch the dogs play at the dog park there and then we met up with my best friend Stephanie and her two little kids to eat out at a super good and cheap Sushi place. The next day we went to the beach again and then were able to visit my cousin Noah, his wife and their little baby who is so cute. It was such a nice and relaxing trip. It was good to be around family and great to escape the cold weather in UT. The trip definitely made it that much harder to return back to work. We are planning another trip down in June for my Brother's graduation and this time we are taking a whole week. I hope that this next trip has Disneyland in the agenda.

And now a little shout out for my mom. It's her Birthday today. She is 25 today ;) She never ages, I hope to inherit that agelessness from her so that I too may remain forever 25. Happy Birthday mom! We Love you!!