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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Sister Time and Flag Football

So even though it's May, the weather forecast says rain and snow for today, I remain optimistic that it will mostly be rain. But enough about the weather, this weekend I was able to spend time with both of my sisters. I haven't seen Anissa for a whole year so it was so nice to spend some time with her. She was here for Womens conference at BYU. She a had a great time at the conference and was able to go to a lot of valuable classes learning many new things to apply to her life. Amber is here more frequently, but it was still very nice to have her visit.
Saturday I started my day with watching Daniel play some flag football. He and some coworkers put together a team to compete with other flag football teams in a kind of club. They didn't do so well the first game, but the second game their talent really had shown through. Daniel caught 3 interceptions alone. He is so athletic and it's a good way to use all the e
nergy that he has.

After football I met up with my sisters at Los Hermanos, a Mexican restaurant in Lindon and Provo. Anissa used to work there so she was so excited to be able to treat herself to the delicious food. After lunch we ran some errands mostly to church bookstores but we also hit up some scrapbooking stores. I was able to find some cool Washington DC scrapbooking stuff that Daniel and I can use for our pictur
es from our honeymoon to the nation's capital. We ended the day at chili's of course since I get a discount. We had a guy server who Amber thought was cute so when after we payed I left a note for him saying that she thought he was cute and I left her # for him. We'll see if anything becomes of it. I had so much fun with my sisters. It was a nice girl's day that I needed and I missed them so much.