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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's March now, so can it be spring yet?

I'm getting so tired of the cold weather. Daniel and I both agree that it is time for summer. We are ready to go hiking, to ride our bikes, go swimming and play at the park. Living in Utah made me realize how much I took living in San Diego for granted. We had wonderful weather year round, aside from the occasional rain storms. Plus seeing the trees with no leaves and brown everywhere just becomes a downer. We're aching for the season to change.

So in interesting news I had the opportunity of setting my younger sister up with a coworker of mine. I'd say they have hit it off rather nicely. All I ask is that I be the maid of honor at their wedding :) But you don't have to take my word, just look at their picture and tell me what you think.

Daniel and I had a blast doubling with them a couple of times, first at a random concert then at a pool place, billiards if you will. Amber was so kind as to document our time at both events.
As you can see we had tons of fun on our date. We all found out that Trevor was pretty good at pool. Basically the only way I can play is if Daniel shows me where to aim the ball at. We make a good team.

Well that's all for now. I hope this blog finds everyone well and will find time to update about our anniversary coming up here on the 14th. I plan on taking a few pictures to share.