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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Daniel's Birthday and our summer summary

So my sweet husband just turned 26 on Wednesday. We are now officially 1 year apart for the next 6 months. For his birthday he wanted to go to a basketball tournament in Vegas that the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC) basketball will be playing in. For those of you who don't know Daniel very well, he is all about UNC sports.The tournament is not until Thanksgiving weekend so since I am a wonderful wife I surprised him with a couple of small gifts. First I had been putting money away for about a month to use on a present for him. With that money he bought a watch, something he has been wanting for a while. According to him, women have jewelry and men have watches. I had also found a t shirt online that said "property of the catahoula leopard dog", which would be the breed of dog we have.

I figured it would make a good workout shirt. We cooked dinner together, me making side dishes and Daniel grilling the steaks on the grill. For the cake he wanted German Chocolate Cake which my mom made for him with frosting from scratch. The day was great and filled with a Lord of the Rings marathon as per Daniel's request. We are excited to enjoy his main gift coming this November in Vegas. It will be a nice little vacation doing something that we enjoy.

Although the summer went by quickly I feel that we made the most of it. Thanks to the gift I got for my birthday (season passes to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park) we made lots of trips to the Zoo.

We also spent a lot of Sundays at the beach, soaking up the sun and playing in the waves.
Since Daniel was very busy during the week we found Sunday to be the only day we could actually make plans to do something. We are both very grateful for having work, but we do look forward to the time that we can spend together.

Now that the summer is over it's football season, so every Saturday night that I am not working I am staying in with Daniel to watch multiple college football games. At least I get to spend time with him. And having to sit through hours of football has made me realize that I do enjoy watching football and the rivalry among different teams. I'm learning new terms and am happy to report that I know what a pick 6 is as well as what different flag calls mean. I still personally enjoy watching basketball more.

With Halloween around the corner I have been trying unsuccessfully to convince Daniel to dress up with me this year. I only want to dress up for when we meet at our church for trick or treating. I told him to be Peter Pan and that I could be Tiger Lily, even Keif could dress up as captain hook, but he won't go for it. We found the funniest dog costumes while browsing the internet. One of my personal favorites was a monkey that you strap onto your dogs back. There was also a headless horseman that strapped onto your dogs back that I got a kick out of.

They don't have one big enough for Keif, otherwise I would have ordered it for sure. If I end up winning the battle for dressing up this Halloween I will definitely post it on here.