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Sunday, December 13, 2009

So the Weather Outside Is Frightful

Gotta love the lovely weather in Utah Valley. No matter how many years I live in snow, I still find that I still have no liking for it. It's too cold and is so hard to drive in. I don't mind seeing the snow in the mountains, but all around me for a few months is too much to ask. I'm definitely a true California girl. Daniel doesn't seem to mind it too much, he doesn't care to drive in it either; he doesn't care more or less for the snow. This morning I had to be at work at 7 and when I went outside it was snowing down in chunks! I was only 5 mins late to work, but driving through the neighborhoods to get to get to work was not the easiest to do, even in four wheel drive. I kept sliding on the road and just kept thinking how I was glad I didn't have to drive our saturn ion to work. Daniel gets to drive that one to Draper later today :)

So we got our first Christmas tree (pictures are pending). It's a fake tree with the lights already in the tree, it was actually cheaper than the trees without lights. We decided to go with red and gold for the tree ornaments and a gold star for the top. It's 6.5 ft but is just perfect for our apartment.

Congratulations to Daniel! He got the lead position at the boy's group home that he works at. It's basically a supervisor position and along with it comes higher pay, more hours and benefits. We'll have to work a little harder at synchronizing our schedules so that we can see each other, but so far his schedule fits well with mine. It's a real blessing for him to get that promotion and I'm very proud of him.