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Monday, December 12, 2011

Latest updates

Yesterday Daniel clicked on the link for our blog, then proceeds to tell me that I need to update our blog. I've known this for a while now. It's been hard to find time when there are other things I should be doing like cleaning or working. Of course the excuse that I gave him was that whenever I have time to write a blog he is usually on the computer. So today I put all other responsibilities to the side and am updating our blog.

Looking through our pictures I came across a short trip we took to Julian, CA in late October. I thought it would be nice to just get away and be able to walk and talk with Daniel. We stopped at a place called Mom's and got a caramel apple crumb pie. It definitely demonstrated why Julian is known for their apple pies. We had fun splurging on some sweets and walking through such a little town.

Now just this last year I became a huge fan of the band America. They are a 1970's folk band with many hits such as "Ventura Highway" and "Horse With No Name" to name a couple. Last year I made a Pandora playlist for the band and discovered that they sang a lot of good songs that I already loved, but had no idea that they sang them. Since then I have been anxiously waiting for them to perform a show in San Diego so Daniel and I could go. On November 4th they came to the contemporary art museum in La Jolla so do an interview and then to play an acoustic set. I begged Daniel and he said we could go. It was such a great experience to hear how the band started, the inspiration behind their music, and how they have been making music for so long. Their set was amazing. I'm ma
d at myself for not recording more of their performance. They are great live performers and listening to them has re
minded me how people who make music now a days just don't do it the same. Here are a couple of men in their late 50's and they sound great! I can't wait to see them again when they come into town.
On November 22, 2011, Daniel's best friend Ben g
ot married to a wonderful woman named Maggie. We were able to witness their marriage in the Salt Lake City Temple. That was our first time inside that temple and what an inspiration it truly is knowing the time spent and the details that went into such a sacred place. We are very excited for Ben and Maggie to be starting their lives together and can't wait until we buy our house so that they can come visit us. The wedding gave us an excuse to take a trip to Utah. We were able to visit some friends and eat at a lot of places that we missed. Although we ran out of
time to go to the BYU Creamery, I was a little sad about that. Thanksgiving day we spent on the road to Vegas. We did eat at a sports bar, not our first choice. We wanted to eat at Cracker Barrel for some traditional Thanksgiving food, but the wait was an hour and fifteen minutes and our stomachs did not want to wait that long.

We made it to Vegas that night where we were able to stay at my Aunt's condo. In Vegas we had tickets to go to the Las Vegas Basketball tournament because guess who was going to be playing??? University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC). The Tar Heels were the high light of the tournament and we were able to watch them play live for the first time. Daniel was so excited and I was glad to finally watch the team in person. The first game they played was against University of South Carolina which was an easy win. The next night was against UNLV which was basically a home game for them. The game had a great atmosphere, but UNC played weak. UNLV won 90-80. We did find out that UNLV fans are horrible drunks.
They threw things at the UNC fans and a few even tried to hurt Roy Williams (UNC's Coach). Although they weren't able to pull it through the second game it was still a lot of fun to watch them. The trip we had was exactly what we needed and I'm glad that Daniel and I could have some alone time!