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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Daniel's Birthday Extravaganza: Our Trip to New York City

  Our trips to New York City seem to have become a birthday tradition.  The first trip we ever took there was the week of my birthday, then this last trip was during the week of Daniel's birthday.  For this trip we decided to drive instead of take the train like last time.  We had found that the drive was a cool ten hours.  Since we have made many ten hour drives in the past, mainly from Utah to California, we decided to go for it and make the drive.  However during this trip it was very apparent to both of us that we aren't as young as we once were and that driving for ten hours straight sucks.  It's safe to say we probably will take the train or fly the next time we decide to make that trip again.  Although I did enjoy driving in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  As crazy as the traffic was I enjoyed the aggressive drivers in the area who helped to move the traffic along.

  We stayed with Daniel's brother Dustin and his family in Brooklyn like we did the last trip.  This time though we got to meet Daniel's new nephew, Colin.  He was born in January and we were finally able to make a trip up to meet him.  Let's just say that Colin is one of the most easy going kids we have ever been around.  He is only nine months old, but he seems to have it all figured out.  He would only get fussy when he was hungry or needed a diaper change.  Other than that he was a pretty happy baby.  He was so easy to be around it made Daniel want to have kids.  Good to know that someday when we have a family Daniel will be somewhat prepared.

  Being like most people in New York City, Dustin and his family rely on public transportation.  We road the subway and bus when we weren't walking.  Daniel's niece, Fiona and little Colin are pros at riding public transportation.  I loved how even though Colin was in his stroller he would still make an effort to hold onto the pole on the subway.  Fiona pretty much knows which trains to get on and the rockiness of the trains and buses didn't seem to bother either one of them.  They are both very bright kids who have caught on to social cues of riding public transportation.

  Our first day there was probably our favorite because we got to bond with Colin while Dustin went to a career fair for a few hours.  We took him to central park, gave him a bottle, and toured the MET.  People were complimenting how cute Colin was, and he is a pretty cute little man.  I had to laugh when Daniel asked me if I knew when to feed Colin and when to change him,  My response was when he started to cry he would probably need one or the other.  Although I do get a fail for having him sit in a wet diaper for a while.  It donned on me at the MET that he hadn't been changed since the morning and here it was four in the afternoon, so yeah, we get a bad babysitting award for that one.  While heading back to meet up with Dustin's wife, Susan, and daughter, Fiona, we rode in on the East River Ferry.  While riding Daniel pulled out his phone to take pictures of our beautiful views of the city when all of sudden his Metro card flew out of his pocket and into the river.  It would not have been so bad except for Daniel had just bought a seven day pass for $30 and had only used it twice on the subway.  Poor guy felt so bad, but I told him just to think of it as a donation to the New York public transportation system.

  We were able to meet up with my cousin Lydia who is a nanny for a family in Manhattan.  She took us to a wonderful spot by the Brooklyn bridge that had an amazing view of New York City at night.  We enjoyed pizza, New York style of course, and visited with each other for an hour or so.  It was such a relaxing end to a day full of walking and sight seeing.

  We had such a blast vacationing in New York City and visiting with Dustin, Susan, Fiona, and Colin.  I wish we could have spent more time with Susan and Fiona.  Maybe next we visit we'll come in on a Friday evening so we can spend the weekend with everyone.  Of course I'm pretty sure they owe us a visit to Charlotte.

  Here are a few pictures to sum up our vacation.  Enjoy!

The Museum of Natural History.

Freedom Tower

This was an Irish monument.  It was covered in green grass and lots of shrubbery.
 Just what I pictured Ireland to look like.

Manhattan Temple

Whip Cream mustache from yummy hot chocolate

Gyros from a food truck.

Clock with our name on it

On the steps in front of the MET.

Uncle and Nephew time

Colin has great model potential

View from the East River Ferry.

Flushing, the Chinatown of Brooklyn.

Our tour guides.


  1. Remember that massive development project at the top end of the High Line, Hudson Yards—the one being built over the rail yard? Well, today Fiona and I discovered a very cool scale model of it in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. Two scale models, in fact: one with just the shapes of buildings showing the project in the context of the west side of Midtown Manhattan, and another, huge one showing the architectural details of the buildings that are being built. I wish I known about it before you came; I think you would have found it cool (Daniel, in particular, I'm sure would have enjoyed seeing it).

    1. Daniel and I actually saw those models. We happened to be looking for a restroom and stumbled upon them. He can thank my bladder later. He did enjoy seeing them.