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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snowpocalypse: Snow days in the South

Two weeks ago we had our first snowfall of the year and the winter season.  In Southern fashion here in Charlotte, North Carolina, people reacted like they normally do.  Everyone rushes to the grocery store in order to stock up for the "big storm".  Schools get out early or cancelled and even a lot of jobs have snow days.  The last snow day two weeks ago was pretty light.  I had work off as did Daniel, but we were still able to stick to our routine of going to the gym and running errands.  The snow didn't stick so there was no danger in driving.  Charlotte did not get hit as bad as Atlanta and so I brushed it off as the usual overreaction of the residents around here.  Two days later all the snow was gone and it was if it had never happened.

This second time around the snow has proven to be more troublesome.  Once again Daniel was called off of work as was I.  My work had actually closed for the day due to the snow and may possibly be closed tomorrow.  The YMCA that Daniel and I work out had closed for the day.  We spent the day in our apartment, mostly watching TV, only venturing out when the dogs needed bathroom breaks.  Looking outside at the snow I would have guessed we were living in Utah again, minus the view of the mountains.  There is so much snow.  No wonder businesses were closed for the day.

I don't blame people for not wanting to drive in the snow.  The city is not really equipped with the necessary items to make the roads safe to drive in .  Although there are many transplants from up north living  in Charlotte, I'd say most of the residents here have little if no experience of driving in the snow.  We lived in Utah for a few years and I still don't feel all that confident driving in the snow.

After living in the snow in Utah though it is pretty comical to see a whole city shut down due to snow.  I never had snow days in Utah.  In fact, at Chili's, we were busiest when it snowed.  I had my share of sliding in the snow while driving and getting stuck going up hills.  But roads were getting plowed constantly and when it snows for four to five months out of the year it's unrealistic to shut down a city.  The snow here in Charlotte will be gone in a few days and I'm sure things will go back to as they were before "snowpocalypse" had hit.  At least I hope so soon, because Valentine's day is on Friday and that is one of the busiest days when you work in a restaurant.  And after having a couple extra days of work off we could use that extra money.

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